Encouragement For You



"I have chosen you out of the world, so you don't belong to it."

All of us know what it is like to be in a house that is not our own. Perhaps you've spent time in a dorm room or army barrack. Maybe you've slept in your share of hotels and bunked in a few hotels. They have beds. They have tables.They may have food and they may be warm, but they are a far cry from being "your father's house."

Your father's house is where your father is.....

We don't always feel welcome here on earth. We wonder if there is a place here for us. People can make us feel unwanted. Tragedy leaves us feeling like intruders. Strangers. Interlopers in a land not ours. We don't always feel welcome here!!!

We shouldn't. This isn't our home. To feel unwelcome is no tragedy. Indeed it is healthy. We are not home here. This language we speak, it's not ours. This body we wear, it isn't us. And the world we live in, this isn't home. 

 John 15:19

Our greenhouse helps supply produce for the food pantry.

The HB Freeman building is currently used as a dining hall / multipurpose building.

Our food and clothes pantry ministers to the needs of many families each month.

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